About Sexy Bedding

Sexy Bedding is a premium sheet brand that promotes both rest and romance.
Inspired by the sacred flower of life and it’s cycle of creation, each sheet is infused with probiotics that help you to sleep well, along with essential oil scents that activate the senses.


With a luxury appeal that you can’t afford to pass up, Sexy Bedding™ gives you premium quality that proves that opulence doesn’t always have to be expensive.
Aware that we spend one third of our lives in bed, Sexy Bedding™ helps enhance the fraction of your life that is experienced in the bedroom. Highlighting the importance of sleep and the need to be restored each night, these one of a kind sheets were curated with you in mind.


Our bamboo blend helps reduce hot flashes, night sweats, allergy symptoms, bed bugs, and bacteria to give you ultimate sleep solutions. Sleep is vital to our well-being, it helps to diminish stress, lower blood pressure while improving mood and memory. A good night’s sleep is vital to physical, emotional and mental wellness.


Sexy Bedding ™ is sure to enhance your bedroom allure by providing you with quality threads, bamboo blends, aroma therapy and sacred sheet stories that awaken your senses while providing organic sleep solutions.


Sexy Bedding™ brings to market, insatiable sheets that help you feel sexy, sleep well and wake up revived.